Logogroup has been the leading wholesale supplier of plastic bags with logo, flexible packaging for so long.

Our products are always cheap and characterizes as products of high quality. Because there are several alternatives on the market now, plastic bags are one of the most affordable for packing goods.

We offer: 

  • Custom logo poly bags; 
  • Plastic bags from warehouse; 
  • Trendy transparent poly bags for packaging; 
  • Packaging for packing; 
  • Polypropylene bags;
  • Flexible packaging etc.

Logogroup is proud of its products, as we achieved the perfect value for money. We offer custom packages for you to order with any print. Our managers will choose the best option for you. Designer adapts your logo for free or create it for you.

After all, packaging for packing are an indispensable attribute in every outlet or production. We make both packaging with a logo, and packaging for packing, packaging with central seam, packing film or adhesive tape with a corporate logo. The choice is large enough and everyone will be able to find what is right for their business. From custom branded packages to standard stock products.

Each batch made in our production, a t-shirt bag or center seam package, is made from high quality raw materials under the guidance of the best specialists. We are sure that you will like our products. Feel free to get acquainted with the range and call us today.