Logogroup is engaged in the production and sale of plastic bags with logo, custom packaging, flexible packaging film and other polyethylene and polypropylene products. We have been working for over 10 years, during this time we have fulfilled thousands of orders and we cooperate with hundreds of companies all over Ukraine.

Our customers include grocery stores, supermarkets, clothing and footwear stores, offices, souvenirs, appliances, construction markets and more. After all, packaging is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The packaging we produce helps keep food fresh, prevents contamination of clothing, and provides safe storage and transportation in general. Flexible packaging plays an important role, as the quality of the products stored therein will depend its quality. For example, packing with a degassing valve will allow the coffee to retain its unique aroma. Therefore, today it is impossible to imagine our daily life without packaging.

Our mission is to provide packaging products for businesses and shops. We offer:
- polyethylene bags with logo, flexible packaging, packaging film, warehouse products;
- free adaptation of the logo or its creation;
- free delivery of the order all over Ukraine;
- free samples of products;
- biodegradable packages and packaging, recyclables packaging.
- internal quality control.

In addition, our managers will provide you with quality qualified advice, will tell you which is best to order packages and packaging.

You can order t-shirt bags, packing bags, packages with adhesive tape, adhesive tape with logo and many more. We offer you to watch all list of our products on the site.

The customer and his preferences are always priorities of the company. We treat everyone with special attention, strictly adhere to our responsibilities, advise those who need our help and carry out strict quality control of the order. Therefore, if you need reliable, stylish and practical packaging, call or chat on the site, we will answer all your questions with pleasure.