T-shirt poly bags with a logo are very popular among consumers. Most often, these plastic bags are used in grocery stores, household stores, hardware stores, that is, wherever the capacity of the package plays a large role. The t-shirt bag packaging is rectangular in shape and is the only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off fasteners. It is such a characteristic structure of the package that determines its high strength.

Unlike the d-cut bag or the loop handle package, which are more commonly used as an image packaging, the T-shirt bags play a large practical role as a "transporter" of the purchase.

Customers usually order the production of t - shirt bags with the logo made of low-pressure polyethylene, as it is somewhat stronger in structure, but can also be ordered from high-pressure polyethylene.

Of all the packaging with the logo, "t-shirt" bags - the most versatile and spacious. Also, keep in mind that printing the logo on a packaging will promote your brand and company and work as a 24/7 advertisement.

Logogroup tries to keep up with all the eco-trends and is concerned about the environment. Therefore, we inform all clients that at their request we can make biodegradable packaging that have a decomposition period of 3 years or make polyethylene bags of recyclables.

Prices are set individually, as the price is influenced by many factors, such as: 
- dimensions; 
- circulation; 
- number of colors; 
- thickness; 
- the availability of additional options.

We offer to order poly bags with a logo or flexible packaging under individual parameters. Call, chat on the site, or fill out a form on the product page and we will contact you.