Biodegradable poly bags are created to protect our environment. There is also a lot of false information that is now surfing on the Internet web, about some myths about biopackaging we have already written, here.

Biodegradable packaging are created from materials that decompose after three years under the action of water, oxygen and ultraviolet light and then absorbed by bacteria. Also, their decomposition does not emit harmful methane, but only carbon dioxide. We offer to order biodegradable bags with a logo ("T-shirt" bags, "banana" bags, garbage bags, etc.) from Logogroup, which do not have a negative impact on nature.

Many scientists are convinced that oxo-biodegradable bags are designed to replace conventional polyethylene. After all, environmental safety is the main, but not the only advantage of biodegradable packages. In terms of their characteristics, biopackages are not inferior to ordinary flexible plastic packaging. Such a packaging can be used for packing of any goods, including food. They are quite strong and elastic. On such packages, you can easily print any image that will serve as a profitable advertising instrument. Despite all the above advantages, the cost of biodegradable bags and packaging is almost no different from the prices of similar polyethylene products.

More developed countries are always a little ahead of us, so for the people of these countries, biodegradable packaging is not news. For Ukraine, biopackages are not so commonplace and for many it is an unknown territory. However, every year the number of companies, firms and entrepreneurs who are discovering such an alternative is growing significantly, as environmental pollution is a very acute problem that requires modern solutions.

We will be happy to advise you on logo packages and other flexible packaging.