Courier bags are plastic bags with an adhesive protective strip that protects the product and prevents counterfeiting. Such plastic bags are widely used by courier and postal services, banks, pawnshops, online stores, etc. The courier package with the logo is designed to securely send correspondence and other goods by mail or delivery.

Demand on this packaging is really high, as they perfectly combine: quality, practicality and versatility. Mailbags protect against moisture, dirt and dust, unauthorized access and provide thermal insulation of the contents of the package. Poly mailers also protect the contents from punctures, scratches and tears and ensure reliable transportation.

Logogroup offers 2 types of poly mailers: 
• packaging with a logo (with and without a pocket); 
• courier packaging without a warehouse logo.

Mail packages with the logo will provide additional free advertising for your business and will promote the brand.

Courier packages wholesale from Logogroup

We make plastic packaging for courier delivery and other our products only from quality materials, so our packaging ensures really reliable transportation of goods. This packaging is impervious to moisture, ensures safe delivery and protects the package from rupture. No one but the sender will be able to open it. after all, such a package is not resealable.

This flexible packaging often provides transportation of goods such as clothing, documents, shoes and stationery. Such packaging is also often used in banks, government agencies or enterprises to transfer important documents and other valuables.