Packing plastic bags - extremely versatile packaging that can be used in various fields and for almost all product groups. It is especially difficult to do without this packaging in supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc.

We offer to wholesale packaging from the producer. To make sure of the quality of our products, we can send free samples of packaging. There are also flexible packaging of our production from a warehouse, (standard production which we constantly make) the cost can be looked through on a website or you can call us.

Poly bags from polyethylene are used also in warehouses, on production and in a daily life. That is why most stores and businesses buy polyethylene bags in bulk, as it is much cheaper. And we, as manufacturers of poly packages, guarantee that our goods are really high quality, and such low price is reached by sale of goods wholesale. That is, our products do not contain intermediary margins.

Plastic bags of our production: 
- protects the product from the effects of negative external factors; 
- there are different sizes and thicknesses; 
- universal; 
- hygienic and absolutely safe in contact with food; 
- practical and easy to use;

Custom packaging can be purchased from us on very pleasant price. The cost of plastic bags will depend on several factors: circulation, thickness and size. Call us and consult about any questions regarding logo plastic bags and flexible packaging.