Consumption of conventional plastic bags in Ukraine and around the world is reaching enormous proportions. That is why our company has long been interested in the topic of eco-packaging and eco plastic bags.

We are really trying to change the attitude of consumers to the seriousness of the problem of environmental pollution and we are agitating all customers to give preference to biological packaging. For several years in a row, Logogroup has been giving its customers the opportunity to purchase oxo-biodegradable bags with the logo or bags made from recycled materials (cheaper than usual plastic bags). And recently we started making biocompost bags.

A little more detail: biodegradable packages can be of two types: 
• oxo-biodegradable; 
• biocompost bags.

Oxo-biodegradable bags are made of polyethylene, to which a special additive is added, thanks to which the package decomposes in three years. These bags are safe when interacting with food.

Compost bags - made entirely of biodegradable substances and under special conditions - decompose in a few months after use. That is, biocompost bags require composting and then decompose into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. Without such conditions, the poly bag will decompose much longer. Such eco-bags are also safe for products.

It is important for us to know that we are moving in the right direction and are dealing with conscious consumers. Gradually we will succeed. Be responsible and buy environmentally friendly packaging.