Polyethylene aprons are intended for use in shops, factories, food cases, dining rooms as it perfectly protects clothes of the personnel from dust, dirt, moisture, unpleasant smells and other damages. This apron is very practical and does not restrict movement during work. On the other hand, the apron does not allow bacteria to penetrate from the clothes of workers on goods and food, thereby protecting them from contamination and maintaining hygiene at work.

Areas of application are really many, as polyethylene aprons are very versatile and are used for: 
- plants and factories specializing in the food industry; 
- in catering establishments; 
- in beauty salons and hairdressers; 
- in medical institutions and establishments, dental offices; 
- for cleaning, etc.

Polyethylene aprons are a practical and versatile product that ensures sterility during the work process.

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