The whole world is gradually switching to ecological products. This also did not go unnoticed by the packaging industry, as everyone today understands the importance of recycling and sorting waste and plastic. We want to offer a good alternative, which is gradually entering the market and beginning to occupy a strong position - biocompost bags with the logo.

Logogroup is one of the manufacturers and sellers of biocompost bags that decompose in a few months after use. There are not so many of them in Ukraine yet, as this is a novelty for our market. However, this novelty is designed to save the environment and make people more aware of environmental issues.

Biodegradable starch bags decompose under composting. That is, the use of such packages will be effective only if after use it will be composted at home or at special collection points. There are two types of this flexible packaging: Ok Home compost and Ok industrial compost.

If the eco plastic bags is Ok Home compost, then this package with the logo can be up to 21 microns thick and composted in the area of 3 months. Decomposition times are also influenced by external environmental factors. This does not mean that the package will begin to decompose immediately after manufacture, no? they're not. Bags with logo are guaranteed and specially specified storage conditions under which they will not lose their functions and characteristics until a certain point in time.

If the biodegradable package is Ok industrial, then it also needs composting, and in the compost pit it will decompose in 3 months. It is not advisable to throw these environmental bags in the trash, because in this case they will be of little use. Of course, the package will not decompose in a century, but it will take several years for complete destruction.

Logogroup is also ready to provide: 
- free product samples; 
- free delivery in Ukraine; 
- free creation or adaptation of the logo and design of the packaging.