It's no secret that every business is always interested in minimizing costs. This applies to almost all areas of expenditure, including the purchase of consumables. In our case, we will talk about polyethylene bags and possible ways to reduce the cost of purchasing this product.
Firstly, you need to pay attention to is the parameters, size and thickness. These two values should be chosen most optimally, as they will directly affect the amount of raw materials for the manufacture of plastic bags. In order to choose the right thickness, you need to know what weight the packaging should withstand and what film material you need. So, if you have a light product, it makes no sense to overpay for excess thickness.

As for the material, it can be high or low pressure polyethylene. Low pressure polyethylene bags are usually stronger and more reliable, as they have a large load capacity. And high-pressure polyethylene is more often used for producing D-cut bags and loop handle bags. They are smooth, shiny and very pleasant to the touch. However, we advise you to consult with our experts, as they know all the nuances of their work and can advise the best option.

In addition, biodegradable plastic bags that decompose in three years are very relevant now. After all, some buyers do not visit those stores that are not eco-friendly. So you also need to consider this option.

Logogroup is big manufacturer, we sell all our products in exclusively large batches. And here there is an invariable rule, the bigger circulation, the lower cost. Of course, we understand that it is scary to order a large batch for the first time, so for such cases we send free samples of our products, which fall as close as possible to your chosen criteria. We do this for you to see the high quality of our plastic bags and flexible packaging.

Call us and order free samples, we guarantee that our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Also, consult with managers, they know exactly what would help reduce the cost of purchasing plastic bags.