Meat - is an essential and indispencable part of diet to all people. But not everyone knows how to store fresh meat, that it will not go bad and will have the same fresh taste even after a relatively long storage. There are some subtleties and nuances of meat storage that will protect the meat - from damage, and you - from unnecessary hassle.

Fresh meat, like most other products should be stored in a cool place or in the refrigerator. Coldness keeps meat usable longer. It is best to eat fresh meat, which has only 2-3 days. This term - is a period when meat is most saturated with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and micro elements which are useful for any organism.

Before putting fresh meat in the refrigerator, it is in any way can not be washed. Such meat go bad much faster than one that is not washed. It should be noted that large pieces go bad much more slowly than small. For example, minced meat goes bad earlier than pound piece of meat.

Experts believe that the meat promptly separated from the bones will be stored much longer without the risk to be spoiled by bacteria or microbes. So if you have such possibility, you should quickly get rid of bones.

In order to remain meat fresh as long as possible, you can wrap it in napkin, rag or any other piece of cloth soaked in vinegar - it is repeatedly proven way.

It's nedeed to wash the meat before consumption by large pieces, and only then cut into smaller. Thus, we remain in meat maximum nutrients.

To preserve meat for a long time, you should immediately put it in the freezer. Wait until it freezes well, remove, pour water and put back in the freezer. The essence of this action is quite simple: if you pour meat by water and immediately froze it, you can see on its surface a thin crust of ice that serves as additional protection and prevents dehydration meat.

In order to properly defrost meat, it's better to do it not very quickly. Slow thawing is more careful, and meat that is defrosted slowly, is more delicious and appetizing.

Do not leave the meat in the refrigerator or in a wooden bowl or on a wooden board, wood absorbs the juice fine, so after such storage, the meat will be dry and tasteless. It's better to use enamel or stainless cookware for storage.

It's a big mistake to put the meat from refrigerator or freezer in a bowl of warm water. It will be better if meat is defrosted without your help. And even if you spent more time, but you will gain more as cooked food.

Having the fridge or cellar, fresh meat is easy to keep. But how to keep meat without a refrigerator?

Going for example on picnic in the warm season, sometimes we take a fresh meat to cook it already in place. It is not always possible to keep meat even in a cool place. No need to explain how it can turn. However, output is still there.

There are several proven ways to store meat without a refrigerator:

1. Wrap the meat by rag or cloth soaked in lemon juice, so you can prolong meat "life" for a few precious extra hours. Faced with lemon juice, meat retains its freshness much longer.

2. Place a piece of meat in a pan, cover with cold boiled vegetable oil so that it covered the meat.

3. Pour meat by chilled and boiled skim milk or whey.

4. Meat is perfectly preserved in oil. Cuts of meat are placed in a hot melted fat. Fat hardens and protects them from damage.

5. Pickled - inexpensive but good way to keep meat from spoiling. The meat cut into pieces weighing 20-30 grams, salted, fried in fat and cooled.

6. A piece of meat is greased with vegetable, beef, lamb or pork fat, wrapped in the greaseproof paper and hung in a cool place.

7. Meat is marinated, that means, that it's moisten in vinegar and then we put it in a cool place.

8. Pieces of meat are salted, it allows brine to drain overnight. We shake off salt from the meat, then pour boiled brine (10 liters of water, 100 g of salt, 2 g pepper, 5 l nitrate, 1 g of bay leaves and 5 grams of garlic) and put in a cool place.

If you are not sure of the freshness of meat, and can do nothing, try to hold the pieces of meat in salted water, then vinegar. Then remove it and lightly sprinkle the top with sugar. At least it will repel odor.