Coatings based on polyurethane are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their excellent physical and technical characteristics. Polyurethane coating successfully resists shock from falling of heavy objects, vibrations from running machines and other equipment, shear loads from the movement of rubber or plastic-tyred wheelbarrows on them.
Polyurethane coatings have the following characteristics:
- High elasticity;
- High abrasion resistance;
- Impact strength;
- High soundproofing properties;
- Ample opportunities for decoration. Polyurethane floors are ten times more resilient than epoxide floors.
The characteristics of strain at breakage:
- from 2,5% to 15% for epoxide materials;
- from 70% to 120% for polyurethane materials.

Of all types of polymeric materials, polyurethane floor is the most flexible and shock-resistant, but it has low chemical resistance. For chemical plants it is recommended to use epoxide floors.

Areas of application:
- Industrial premises;
- Food industry;
- Warehouses;
- Utility rooms;
- Trade and exhibition halls;
- Sports grounds.

Polyurethane coating is able to withstand low temperatures, so it is recommended for use in refrigerating chambers and buildings exposed to the impact of studded tires in winter.

Polyurethane coating has sufficient fire safety, moderately dangerous toxicity when burning, little spread of fire. Polyurethane coating is allowed to be used on fire escape routes of public and residential buildings. In some cases, polyurethane floor coating systems are used in garages, car parks and production departments of enterprises, as a save-efficient substitute of a polymer coating. Thanks to their excellent physical and technical characteristics, coatings based on polyurethane are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry.

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