My home is my castle...with a special atmosphere, individual style and tradition. And the synthesis of everything that distinguishes one apartment from the other can be called nothing but apartment interior design. Apartment interior design, interior design styles are eternal topics for discussion - and for our today's article. Anyone who dreams of a comfortable home, should read this!

Interior design style is a consistent, structured combination of decorative and structural elements. Each style defines and combines its own set of objects. For example, the foundation for Rococo are various ornaments, whereas Classicism is characterized by strict and clear lines, English-style design is strict. In general, about 50 different styles are distinguished in apartment interior design and house interior design. Read more about the most popular of them here...

The little black dress of Coco Chanel, the music of Mozart are examples of the eternal classics. Apartment interior design in in the classical style never go out of fashion.

Classics suit people with a certain degree of conservativeness in their character. Classical style interior is often the choice of people with high social status who hold responsible and senior positions. Apartment interior design in the classical style is usually not overwrought. The furniture is usually handmade, wooden. Decorations are moldings, carvings, semi-columns, gilding, mother-of-pearl.

Baroque. Apartment interior design in the Baroque style is characterized by a lot of splendour, grandeur and spatial scale. Instead of quiet classical shapes of circles and ovals we see winding spirals and complicated surfaces. This style became a combination of two concepts - apartment interior design and lifestyle, reflecting the trends of its era.

Apartment interior design in the Baroque style is a conglomeration of images, patterns and curves, complexity of decoration and dynamism of shapes. This trend implies a large variety of interior decorations - garlands, mosaics, panels, cartouches, wreaths, shells.

Rococo. Apartment interior design in the Rococo style is characterized by complicated shapes and, at the same time, by lightness that approaches refinement. Styles like this are the choice of true aesthetes.

Apartment interior design in the Rococo style is filled with a mass of statues, busts, tapestries, artistic reliefs, etc.

Modern style refers to those styles of apartment interior design that perfectly emphasize the owner's identity. The ideology of this trend is the desire to create beauty. Apartment interior design in this style is distinguished by intricate plastic shapes, drawings and exquisite draperies. The source of inspiration in the modern interior design are images of wildlife (birds, insects, flowers, leaves, women in long dresses with long hair). The Modern is a versatile synthetic style, the most popular in today's apartment interior design.

Art Deco. Apartment interior design in this style is called the style of the stars. Today's Art Deco implies luxury and wealth, expensive materials and elegant finish. Apartment interior design in Art Deco style has the following features: rounded corners, strong vertical lines, and decorative objects (images with zigzags, circles, the sun). This style easily combines the exotics of the modern style and the technical aesthetics of the twenties, the lightness and elegance of the decoration.

As mentioned above, the variety of interior design styles is simply amazing. And it does not matter what apartment interior design you choose, as long as it does not violate your inner harmony. You can choose design in a classic style or a modernistic version, the main thing is a sense of comfort that they give. After all, our home is our castle.