Do you support the use of plastic tableware or are you against it? Ukrainian consumers are resigned to the poor quality of these goods - cups, plates, forks, spoons. They try to avoid disposable utensils, but the world situation is different. Disposable plastic tableware is considered the leader in hygiene worldwide. The advantages of disposable utensils are also their light weight, ease of use and cheap prices. Manufacture of disposable tableware is now considered to be the most promising area of business.

Economists have studied the price of a plastic cup, and, consequently, the cost of plastic tableware production.

According to the information of Ukrainian Business Resource:
- The cost of entering this market is at least $ 500 thousand. Inexpensive or used equipment will be cheaper than new one - $ 80-120 thousand. You will also need to buy thermoforming machines (two, preferably three). It will provide the production of 8 million cups per month (which is enough for a city with a population of 3.2 million), and a revenue of about $ 15 thousand;
- The cost of equipment is only a part of the total costs. According to the experts, the cost of the site preparation, the project ordering, the selection, the procurement and the stockpiling of the starting material, as well as salaries for the staff will make the same amount as the purchase of equipment. In addition, you should have some financial reserve that will be necessary if something goes wrong;
- You will need knowledge of plastic tableware production technology. The raw materials are delivered to the production site in the form of granules, which are served to the flat-die extruder where a melt is obtained, which is mixed by means of a screw press. Then the mass is squeezed through a flat slot and, by means of large shafts, is turned into a sheet, whose thickness can be from fractions of a millimetre to several millimetres. The requirements for calenders are tough: their beat should not exceed a few microns, and the temperature should be regulated with a high degree of accuracy (the especially "whimsical" material is polypropylene, that is why the performance of the same machine on polypropylene is 20% lower than on polystyrene). On special extruders you can get a multi-layered sheet. One of the main requirements is that its thickness should be even - polythickness increases the consumption of raw materials by about the same 20%; the product quality also deteriorates;
- The main problem will be to find buyers for your products and to conclude delivery agreements with them. Your buyers can be both ultimate consumers, such as fast food chains, and wholesale trade companies.

But a really complicated problem for most people will be the purchase of high-quality equipment at moderate prices. People who start their production may be competent in absolutely different areas, but have good strategic and business skills. That is not enough. Beginners' projects are helped by consulting companies, which often give out advice or praise a particular "device or unit" for the money paid in advance, thus forming a customer base for the "money resource".

Canadian researchers therefore recommend, or even urge beginner businessmen and producers not to trust the "professional business advice" one hundred percent. As a more reliable method they advise person-to-person sales, in other words, it is better when there are no financial and economic ties between people, and thus no direct benefits.

The most effective method of learning and improving your own competence in the field of equipment for manufacturing disposable utensils is the direct study of reliable sources available on the internet that contain a lot of complete, independent, and so necessary information. Companies try their best to accurately display all the characteristics of equipment on-line, to get a confident consumer as a result. One of such companies is Termopack. "Doing today what others will only think about tomorrow" - this is the principle our company has been guided by for over 12 years. That is why Termopack equipment is popular not only among small and medium-sized companies, but also well-known large enterprises that have a continuous production cycle. Among the range of our products are automatic thermoforming equipment, press moulds, equipment for the manufacture of disposable plastic packaging, stamp forms, packaging and peripheral equipment.

In any case, the production of disposable tableware remains profitable and attracts many people. The most important thing is to engage in it without damage to your mental health and, of course, your bank account.