"Internet Advertising Packages", a computer software of Ukrbiznes portal has successfully passed the registration process as an object of copyright. Henceforth, the exclusive right to the invention belongs to its developers, and it is protected by the Law.

The certificate of registration is, in fact, a confirmation of the uniqueness of the service, offered by the Portal, and a guarantee of product protection. All economic and moral rights to the "UB-Gold Internet Advertising Package"computer program is now officially assigned to its developers.

"We applied for the registration of UB Gold copyright since the service capabilities of this package of internet advertising include the full complex of services we offer – Valentin Tseyko, the director of Ukrbiznes Portal commented on the event. - The Gold package comprises the options of Standart and Premium packages, and more. So all our services are protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights". We are owners of moral rights as well as of exclusive property rights. "

The Advertising Packages of Ukrbiznes actually turned out to be a breakthrough in the advertising world by offering a new, comprehensive approach to the issue of promotion and by combining all types of internet advertising in one package. Besides high efficiency and simplicity of use, the advertising packages possess another important property: they are very economical and cost much less than the retail purchase of similar services. In addition, the Portal is constantly developing the proposed services, and broadens opportunities for its customers. To take advantage of unique opportunities of package advertising, go to www.ub.ua and register your company. Acquire the author's advertising packages, which will provide you with high quality diverse advertising for the whole year, saving your energy and money working for you!

Ukrbiznes portal (www.ub.ua ) is the largest Ukrainian business information resource. For more than 6 years of it has been engaged in creating a community of elite Ukrainian enterprises, and their Internet promotion. To date, 85,000 thousand of enterprises are registered in the catalog of the Portal. The Portal is visited by more than 30 000 people daily.