right;">Graphite does not burn and is able to impart heat resistance to other materials, so it is used wherever this quality is needed. Graphite is ground into a powder and, with appropriate additives, becomes the basis for making various products that are necessary in engineering, manufacturing of metals, for certain technical processes and in everyday life.

Graphite is a natural mineral that has many unique properties, namely fire resistance, electrical conductivity, chemical stability, low hardness, flexibility, unctuousness, nonstickness, diamagnetism. Graphite is obtained from graphite ores and is widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, oil industry, iron-foundry and steelmaking. The main indicators of its quality are the content of carbon and ash - the higher the carbon content and the lower the ash content, the higher the quality of graphite.

Graphite GL-1 is almost never used in pure form, but is present in complex mixtures, often in very small amounts, giving them technically valuable properties. The use of graphite in the casting of parts improves their quality and reduces the number of defects, prevents burns (the removal of which would require a lot of effort and cost). Raw cores and molds are coated with a layer of dry graphite powder. For dry cores and molds, GL-1-based paints are used as parting materials. Also the crystalline foundry silver graphite GL-1 is used as a component of low-temperature lubricants, paints, pastes, and in the oil and gas industry - for drilling operations.

Pressure metal treatment (hot and liquid stamping, injection molding, hot pressing, hot pipe drawing) is impossible without the use of high-performance cutting fluids based on graphite GL-1, designed to create a separation layer between the metal and the mold, as well as for its lubrication and cooling. Graphite-containing liquids help improve the metal structure, the surface finish and the grade of the manufactured parts, extend the equipment life, reduce the amount of the burr.

The experience of industrial use of crystalline graphite GL-1 of the Zavalye field and the feedback of a wide range of customers let us be proud of our graphite that is successfully used in a variety of industries both in Ukraine and abroad.