In this article we offer you an overview of manufacturers of tuning parts for cars and motorcycles, as well as catalogues for the selection of these parts, where to get them, how much it costs and what kind of tuning can be done by yourself.

With the help of tuning, you can "tune" your car according to your character and your perception of life. Tuning is a multifaceted concept. It can be a revision of the appearance of the car - bumpers, bonnets, spoilers, lighting equipment, wheels and tires, car colouring and more. And this is also a modification of the interior - seats, floor mats, controls (steering wheel, pedals, tools, etc.), as well sound, navigation, antitheft devices and other electronics compartment. This whole "stuff" gives the vehicle a unique and original appearance.

Here you can choose and buy goods for the tuning of salon and body.

But all this "stuffing" does not improve the driving characteristics. But tuning of the powertrain - engine and transmission does it. Engine tuning usually has the goal to increase its capacity and dynamic characteristics. We should remember that in the design of engines have already been laid redundant features, but to please the mass market auto-makers reduce fuel consumption, increase engine life, reduce operating costs, improve environmental performance of the engines. And that all reduces the starting price of the car, which will ultimately improve its sales. So, we must understand that any action on tuning the motor will automatically lead to the deterioration of these characteristics, at least they increase the value of your car.

If the power increase is completely determined by tuning and modifications of the engine, in the development of vehicle dynamics tuning of the clutch and gearbox is also involved. And all of this in consequence requires tuning of the braking system, suspension and chassis of the car. And here we should understand that one thing to crawl into a turn at a speed of 40 km per hour, and quite another to fly into a turn at high speed. With the usual suspension this "trick" can not go.

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