Pistachios are a tasty and healthy snack in the workplace

Among nuts, pistachios are one of the most nutritious. The little nut provides a variety of different vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. They contain more than 50 percent of fat and 21 grams of protein per 100 grams.

The best little snack is pistachio and green tea. It is much more useful than tea and cake! People often do not have enough protein in their body (we need minimum two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight), and nuts, including pistachios, are a perfect source of protein.

Pistachio tree

In the east, pistachio is called "tree of life" and scientists prove that pistachios have a tonic effect, besides, they are recommended to use in case of chronic fatigue.
Pistachio tree is low, but elegant, with a gray crust and grayish-green leaves. The nut is hidden under a smooth shell, and is an oval nucleus with a , sweetish taste. Nuts can be of different colors - from yellow-green to cream.

Pistachio Health Benefits

Pistachios have a high nutritional value and are packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, fibre and nutrients. Pistachios are an excellent source of vitamin B6, copper and manganese, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium and they contain lots of vitamin E, known natural anti-aging antioxidant.

Pistachios contain no harmful impurities and additives, and even the technology of their processing is organized in a way that keeps the shell intact, protects nuts from any accidental contamination. Therefore, they are included into various dietary menu.

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