Our figurines are made of tin. This material allows artists to show all the fine details of a figurine, which is impossible to do in creating, for example, porcelain figurines. The stands are made of nut. The height of figurines with stands is from 5 to 9 cm.

The collection of statues and figurines includes a wide variety of figurines with a total number of more than 150 items. Here you will find statues on such subjects:

- Russian Knights;
- Warmongers;
- Orcs;
- Skeletons.

This collection of goods is being developed with the participation of our best designers. We are developing our own collection of figurines, expressing our own interest in history.

We carry out a lot of our own exhibitions. And we have already won general recognition for our works, having created a series of collections: "Russian Knights" and "Warmongers". The collections "Orcs" and "Skeletons" reflect the unique personality associated with the depiction of famous literary heroes in the "fantasy" style, as well as computer game heroes.

If you are interested in gift tin figurines, please contact the company Gold of Scythians. We will help you choose the best gift.