Internet advertising is for an entrepreneur not less important than a magic wand for Harry Potter: he has everything without it, but it is still much better to have it. After all, if we use the opportunities of internet advertising at full capacity, the effect will be truly magical.

The practice of advertising suggests: as a rule, customers choose one type of advertising in traditional media, that seems to him the best, and use it constantly. Nevertheless, such advertising does not provide big success. The problem lies not only in the outreach, but also in the perception of information by consumers: some of them can be convinced by graphic materials, others- by text information, and the third need dynamic images. Today there is only one advertising medium that can meet all promotional needs of the enterprise. It is the Internet.

Until recently, the mechanism of carrying out advertising campaigns in the Internet has been different from off-line advertising: you could not do much without the help of advertising agents. To place a banner, to negotiate about publishing the company's news, to specify the conditions of cooperation with various electronic media... All it took considerable time and a lot of money, but advertising still gave a limited effect, because the new unique opportunities of the Internet were used from the perspective of outdated off-line advertising . Today, Ukrbiznes portal advises you to learn about an entirely new level of promotion: internet advertising packages.
Package advertising is a complex approach to the "advertising" issue, which will give you the maximum effect from advertising without spending time and, what is most important, it is not require much money. In order to give you the power of advertising, the specialists of the Portal created UB-Gold internet advertising package. The Gold package provides highly visited personal pages, integrated into the structure of Ukrbiznes portal, gives you the opportunity to place news and presentations, hundreds of thousands of banner displays. The Gold package provides the presence of your company on the most recent notice boards of Ukraine, free services to fill the package with information, the possibility of sending commercial offers to other clients of the Portal, and your personal manager's support. In addition, the package includes the services of professional journalists and copywriters and participation in the new image project "Portraits of the Ukrainian business» - all inclusive, as they say!
Your information will be available to the visitors of the Portal, as well as to all Internet users! Indeed, due to the high rating of Ukrbiznes your personal pages will hold top positions in search engines, so the package will help you to promote the existing site. You yourself determine when your ads should act, and to whom it should be targeted. All the rest is performed by the advertising package. Those customers who are interested in news will find you through news pages; those who prefer graphical ads, will come to you through banners, and those who are looking for on the notice boards will also be in the field of your influence!

The well-designed structure of the Gold package enables you to attract new customers continually, to find reliable partners and to increase marketing area without spending on advertising. Judge for yourself: Gold package costs 5,500 UAH, and the retail purchase of its constituent services cost more than 50 000 UAH! You save money, and at the same time you once and forever decide all the problems related to advertising. And now you do not care about your advertising, on the contrary, it cares about you and your business. Gold package is a new level of advertising able to produce a fantastic effect of a magic wand, and multiply your income.

Think in the modern way and choose a new, super-efficient solution. Buy a UB-Gold internet advertising package: this will allow you once and for all ride along the crest of a wave. The success of Ukrbiznes will multiply your success, because we benefit from your prosperity: it proves that we have chosen the right path!