You like movies and popcorn. But do you know that in Israel and in Turkey they offer white sunflower seeds as an alternative to popcorn because they are nutritious and have good taste? You are surprised! Learn about the sunflower seeds more ...

Below are some interesting facts about sunflower seeds:

1. Sunflower seeds belong to the rare class of products that are are both delicious and nutritious. Because they contain phytosterols (plant sterols), they are really good for your heart. In addition, they are rich in fiber and minerals such as zinc and calcium, iron and magnesium, selenium. They have very high levels of vitamins B and E. In fact, sunflower seeds an excellent source of vitamin E.
2. As it is known, phytosterol from sunflower seeds makes the immune system more resistant to flash toxins, and reduces the risk of cancer. It also regulates cholesterol level in blood, thereby reducing the chances of a heart attack.

3. Selenium is a trace mineral that is crucial to good health. In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated a link between low dietary levels of selenium and development of cancer in humans. Selenium acts as a catalyst in apoptosis (preprogrammed loss of cells) which is a self-destructive mechanism of the body that prevents growth of cancer cells and damaged cells. Selenium is not abundant in normal food and assimilation of selenium body is usually very low. Eating sunflower seeds, enriches the body selenium.

4. The scientific name of sunflower is Helianthus annuus which in Latin means "the flower of the sun". From a scientific point of view on the seeds are not really seeds, they belong to the class of achenes - edible fruit flowers in the form of seeds, where the fruit inside will not stick to the outer surface.

5. Sunflowers grow during the year. Each sunflower is composed of about 1000-2000 seeds and a sunflower needs about 3 months to ripen . There are three types of sunflower seeds – black, white and white with black stripes.. White sunflower seeds have not found their commercial applications.

6. If you like snacks, you can choose a snack from a wide renge of sunflower seeds – roasted and unroasted sunflower seeds, salted or unsalted, with or without kernel, with spices, with chocolate covering, with mint, roasted with honey or sprouted! This useful delicacy can be eaten as a snack and also in finished dishes.

7. You can also use sunflower seeds to decorate your salads and main courses, they are suitable for all foods: bitter, sour, sweet and salty. Butter made of sunflower seeds as well as peanut butter, is delicious and even more delicious.

8. Most countries in Southeast Asia use sunflower oil to cook (as most of their food is made with oil), because it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and has a very low risk of heart attacks, even if it is used daily. Now more and more countries around the world use precisely sunflower butter. Processed sunflower oil becomes margarine and used instead of butter.

9. Have you noticed how birds love sunflower seeds? Plant some in your garden, and you will see that the seeds is the easiest way to attract birds.

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