Pork - it is a very popular product. Pork meat is in great demand in the market. That is why many businesses are wondering: where to buy wholesale pork?

Indeed, where to buy pork at an affordable price in our time? Of course, it must be natural and ecological product with good taste. We offer you the most advantageous and economical solution. We are "Pryluky-Ahropererobka", a leading manufacturer of meat products, a strong and stable company. Our great advantage is that we grow animals - a base for raw materials - by ourselves exclusively on natural products. Agree, in our time is a rarity. No chemical additives, only natural feed and as a result we get a clean and healthy meat.

Meat is produced by modern technologies. Much attention is paid to its storage, thanks to special technology meat retains all the taste and nutritional properties. For everyone who wants to buy pork in bulk, we supply high quality meat only, term storage of which in warehouses is minimal.

Storage of meat - strictly under control!

Storage and transport of meat is under strict control. We do our best to provide the appropriate level of our products. The company is always carried out veterinary and sanitary control. All manufacturing processes are documented, which helps to provide traceability and identification at all stages of the production cycle.

Pork wholesale - we are proud of our range

Our company offers the widest range of meat products:

- Pork semi-carcasses, (pork meat of Kambora breed), weight - 30 + kg;
- Trimmed pork, chilled and frozen, weight - 25 + kg;
- Semi-manufactured meat products: boneless steakpiece, boneless scapula part, neck part, pork ham, meat cutlet, pork tenderloin;
- Pork co-products of the 1st and 2nd category.

You can buy pork in big or small bulk in any desired quantity. A modern equipment for storage and transportation of meat products will ensure the preservation of useful properties.

We appreciate every client and practice individual approach at the conclusion of any agreement. Buy wholesale pork from "Pryluky-Ahropererobka" - be the first among your competitors of this industry.

Buy wholesale pork you can already contact us by phones: +38 (050) 516-98-98, +38 (046) 375-00-61