Women are getting make-up and choosing the color of a ceiling,wall decoration or a size of sofa pillows and it takes them a lot time equally. Just details are important. They form a style and bring some special tone. True to say, today we are going to talk not about the women' tricks and try to help them discussing the modern and stylish way of wall decoration. For a while we are keeping an intrigue. Are you interested? Continue reading…

So, the wall decoration. Don't think that those two words mean a roll of colourful wallpapers or a set of photos on the wall. It is more serious:inventory on the wall, photo wallpapers, panels,gypsum moulding. A question is what of all of this to choose. Read about it on…

There is a lot of ways to decorate a wall. In any case it is enough for the creation of the original and inimitable design. But remember that women are getting make-up and… choosing the wall decoration - it takes them a lot of time equally. We offer some help in choosing of the best modern decorations.

Do you still think that the graffito is just a street art? What about the wall decoration with a help of a graffito? Do not be afraid, we mean the vinyl stickers, so called graffito art, when the pattern is applied on the wall with a help of special paints according to the created in advance sketch. If to use fluorescent paints, the pattern will become an element of a photo design.

The wall decoration with a help of wallpapers is not difficult. It is enough to combine the monotonous wallpapers and the multicoloured or ornamental wallpapers.

A very popular nowadays is a wall decoration with a help of gypsum carton constructions. It is used for the wall decoration in a bedroom,living-room and a hall.

Decorating the walls in the hall and corridor the decorative plaster, wooden panels or decorative stone will be suitable. 

There are also other methods of wall decoration, ex. g. for a kitchen, a living-room. In the first case, one can make a nice ceramic tiles decoration. In the living-room the field of creative activity is rather wider. An excellent variant for the living-room is the gypsum moulding.

It is a relief decoration used for the creation of the whole designer's compositions. It perfectly fit to the elegant wall and ceiling decoration.

I'd like to pay your attention to the moulding. Nowadays you can often meet a bias treatment of this wall decoration method. But it is unfair. A wall decoration with a help of gypsum moulding is a possibility to create original fine designer's solution. Moulding articles make an apartment luxurious, stylish and charming so to say! 

To get more information about the prices for the moulding and to get acquaintance with a company which works in this field, you can here.

If you do not plan a great changes in your home, usual pictures, embroidery or photos will be suitable.

The great creative solutions to you! Be special!