If sales are falling rapidly, the traffic is below zero, and there are no profits at all, then you really have tried hard and carefully followed all the below given rules. But, if your shop is still working somehow, please get acquainted with the basic methods of destroying your own business.


Imagine that you are only planning to open your own online shop and have your head in the clouds, hoping for instant popularity and a quick profit. So, if you do have this attitude, it means that you have the perfect qualities to create a business that will kick the bucket within the first six months of its existence.

But even for that you need to make an effort.

First and foremost, be sure to launch an online shop on free software - this will save your money and effort on the development of its functions. See about a rich, beautiful design with much animation, many bright pictures and be sure to equip your shop with a dozen different non-working features, such as icons with images of fashionable electronic payment systems.

The Gurus of online business also often mention the convenience of opening an online shop because you do not have to worry about its location. That's right, listen to wise people and do not bother, because a shop in such domains as .ee, .wough or schnook.com inspire particular respect and trust of the user.

Also, pay attention to the assortment of goods. It should be as wide as possible. But no. It should be wider than possible - cram it with hundreds of thousands of various kinds of goods, and, most importantly, forget about the rubricator, it's just a waste of time and effort with no result.

The next thing you must see about is a shopping cart. Implement more and more non-working scripts, codes, and gif icons visa and mastercard, which provide no benefit except raising the owner's feeling of self-importance.

A warehouse is an absolutely unnecessary thing. Why do you need a warehouse, if you do not have a real office? The best way is to look for the supplier of goods only after you have received an order. It is much easier, and the product will not lie around unsold and gather dust somewhere in the basement.

To permanently kill your online shop, see to the high prices, slow delivery and the absence of any security (no checks or guarantees). But if you still decided to organize at least the delivery, be careful! In case of rejection of the product, never return the money to the buyer, give the product and run up hill and down dale. This will really put a final end to the existence of your business.

But seriously and sadly, a large share of online shops that operate in the vast Ukrainian internet look exactly that way. At the most, their software is developed by some site creating studio and is not updated for years. This shop will survive a little longer, but its door to a profitable future is closed.

Of course, a properly optimized site with a beautiful design and good functionality costs much more than a couple of hundreds, but rather a couple of thousand dollars + monthly expenses for its maintenance and improvement. But it's worth it - because the main task is to let your visitors understand from the first pages that this is a serious online shop which employs real and trustworthy people.

Before you open your own online shop, you should carefully think how a profitable business should look. Only beginners may be naive enough to think that nobody will notice their mistakes. And in fact, the Internet is like a show "Behind the Glass", where every mistake is noticed, and hundreds, even thousands of active participants are ready to take advantage of it.

An online shop is an additional tool for successful business, but to make this tool work flawlessly and without threats to the life of its owner, one needs to know how to use it or hire a skilled professional.

UkrBiznes Portal has succeeded in translating your desires into reality, and today anyone can open an online shop in the ub.ua system at only 10 thousand hryvnias a year.

An online shop at UkrBiznes offers:

a unique address that, for nine years of its existence, has won the trust of thousands of Ukrainian businessmen and hundreds of thousands of users - .ub.ua

rich functionality, which has been developed by experienced professionals for two years

constant free updates of the system, development of new features

a universal design that will emphasize your product and will not let it get lost among the others

a convenient rubricator

a shopping cart which allows you to buy goods from different shops simultaneously

a warehouse for an unlimited number of products

the authority of the all-Ukrainian business elite portal UkrBiznes and nine years of experience in online commerce.